The Santa Experience by Pittsburgh Photographer
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The Santa Experience / Pittsburgh area event

The Santa Experience / Nov 12th and 19th

 At Always Remember it is that time of year.

Christmas season is coming and Santa is here.

For two days only he comes to share

      His cookies, his nice list, and even his chair.

      He loves all little children and I know its not fair.

      Santa only has time to see a few while he’s here. 

     He wants extra time for each child to stay.

     So we only except a few sessions these days.

     There are only a few sessions left for this year.

     Please CONTACT US if you want to be here.

The Santa Experience is about children sharing time with Santa. Santa Claus visit Evans City PA

Cost of Event:  $150 (Portraits sold separately)

Each session includes:  children spend 30 – 40 minutes with Santa.  During this time they will share cookies, check out Santa’s nice list, read a page from The Night Before Christmas with Santa, as well as visit with Santa and talk about what they would like for Christmas.  Santa will bring a small gift for each child to take home.

After the session:  Parents and children are welcome to visit our helpers in the kitchen while sharing cookies and hot cocoa.

The Portraits and Albums we create of this magical time will be handed down through your family for generations to come…

For more information call 724-504-8711 or CONTACT US! here

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